Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've been reading all the "year-end" posts, and the "New Year" posts.

This isn't one of those posts....

I started the new work year off with a new attitude, really hoping this year was going to be different, but no such luck.  It started out on the rough side.

First thing, it's cold!  It was 28 yesterday morning when I came in, so that made the lobby 61 degrees.

With a shot of 28 every time one of the four side doors open.  It made for a VERY cold day.  I sat with my full length wool coat and gloves on.

Then, my "deskmate" (the security guard and I share a workspace made into two desks) proceeded to once again go on a cussing/swearing rant at a game he was playing on his phone.  This is not the first time.  It's a regular occurrence for him, and I've been listening to it for the last year.  I guess I finally had enough, cause I kind of exploded on him.  (We'll blame it on the cold and being less tolerant in the new year....)

Now, I'll say, that I am not his boss, not his co-worker, not his superior in any way, nor do I answer to him in any way.  We share space.  He sings regularly (not well), talks to himself, makes comments about people under his breath as they go by, talks over me, and so much more.  (Can you tell I'm not a big fan of his???)  But I'd had enough.  And it had been building up for quite some time.  And I could tell from the shocked look on his face, that he wasn't expecting that from me.  Brought the new year in with a bang, I guess...

Today, I got in, and the lobby is now 59.9 degrees.  With a blast of 29 with each door opening.


I'm cold!

Here's to a better 2012.