Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's all about Denise H.

I mentioned last week that my teammate Denise had done really really well.  Well, folks, she's on a roll!

Each week we get a weekly recap of all the teams, our standings, and all kinds of stats.  On the "Season to Date Individual Achievements" - Denise's name is on every list for the females!  EVERY LIST!

Average - 5th one listed with 160
High Series Scratch - 3rd - 516
High Series Handicap - 2nd - 729
High Game Scratch - 9th - 197
High Game Handicap - 4th - 268

And that is partly what has help our team remain tied for 1st place!  

Ok - technically, we're in 3rd, but with points won and lost, we're in a 4 way tie!!  And since we won all of our games last night, I'm hoping we stay there for a little longer!!



I done good...

I actually did quite well and was even consistent last night.  I bowled 132, 131, 128.  pretty impressive, huh?  My average is officially 111, but was listed on the sheet last night as 116.  We'll see where it goes from there...

Stay tuned shortly for a special bowling feature!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Horned Owl

While on a recent camping trip, I had the opportunity to see a Great Horned Owl.  Up close and personal.  This isn't something that happens everyday, so I was pretty excited.  

I was driving to one of the picnic shelters when I passed the pump house, and noticed him/her sitting in the open, on the ground, in the middle of the day.  I did a double take, turned around, looked again to make sure I was seeing right, and went to the ranger's office.  I let the head of the park know (who is a friend of mine) and he grabbed a couple of guys to check it out.  I went back to the camper to grab my camera, then headed back... 

This is what we saw:

As you can see, we were within feet of him/her.  The owl was obviously not healthy, as he/she could have clawed our eyes out simply for being too close.  It was lethargic, but did manage to watch us as we moved about.

The park officials called a rehabber that specializes in owls.  While waiting for the rehabber, they were able to drop a blanket over him/her, and put him/her into a box in the nature center to keep it secure.

Later that day, we got an update that the owl was a juvenile, probably born in January or February.  It was malnourished (so not hunting well) and was infested with "flat flies".  Several days later, it was determined the owl couldn't be saved.

Sad as it was, it was incredibly awesome to be able to see such an amazing creature up close.  

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bowling Begins

Did you miss the bowling updates over the summer?  I can honestly say that I didn't miss bowling over the summer, although I did miss seeing everyone every week.  I did get see some of the folks a couple of times, though.

Bowling actually started a couple of weeks ago.  My first week was pretty rough, although overall I made my average.  My games were 137, 87, 109.  Yep a 50 pin spread between two games.  I think I should get a patch for that.  I can't remember, but I think we took 3 games.

I missed the second week, because I was sick.  My team won all of the games with me not there.  Hmmm...  That's a sign.

Last night, I bowled 121, 102, 128.  I was pretty happy.  We won 2 games plus totals.  

But the real star of last night was my teammate Denise!  She bowled a 193, 15osomething, and 193.  Two 193 games!  For ANOTHER 500+ series!  Impressive!  I hope to be able to do that one day........

Until next week (unless something exciting comes up between now and then...)