Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blizzard history time

Here in Southeast VA we don't get many major snow storms. We're getting one right now....

The media is touting it as the biggest snow storm since the "blizzard" of 1980. That storm stranded many people inside the Scope arena that had gone to the circus, and the storm hit while they were inside. When the show was over, the roads were impassable, and most had to spend the night inside...

I was 10. And no, I wasn't inside.

I was at school when it hit. No big deal, right? Let me tell you what happened to me that year......

I guess forecasting wasn't what it was nowadays. They didn't close school for the impending storm.

Also, Norfolk was still practicing their "bussing" policy, where they were trying to integrate the schools better, so while I lived about a mile from an elementary school, I was "bussed" to a school in another part of town. Across the Elizabeth River actually, to South Norfolk.

And, let me add that my bus stop was more than two blocks away from my house. Long blocks.

So we went to school as normal in the morning. Then they decided that they needed to close schools early and get us home. That was about noon.

Most of the kids loaded onto their busses and went about their way. Two busses didn't make it. Mine was one of them.

So along with friends and others from our neighborhood, we waited and waited.

We called home. We begged parents to come get us. But they couldn't make it with the roads in the condition that they were.

We were given crackers.

We waited some more.

Finally about 7:30pm, we were told there was a bus available, but it was at the middle school a few blocks away. We all walked (even though we weren't dressed for snow), and got to the bus.

Do you remember the busses from the 70's and 80's? The didn't have heat......

At about 9:30pm, we were dropped off at our bus stop. Again, it was a couple of long blocks away.

I stopped about 4 houses from the bus stop, and knocked on the door of people I knew. I was exhausted, frozen and wet.

My bestest friend at the time, walked on toward her house.

The kind people in the house called my parents, and told them I was there. They wrapped me in blankets and set me in front of a fireplace. Now I just had to wait for my daddy to come get me.

While walking the block to come get me, he came across my friend who had collapsed in exhaustion on her way to her house. She was face down in the snow when my dad got to her. He didn't even know who it was, but quickly realized it, and scooped her up and ran her home.

Then he had to trek again to come get me.....

He got me home about 10:30 that night. I was hungry and exhausted. I remember eating spaghetti, and my mom has told me many times that I sat there and said that I didn't know if I was more hungry or tired....

I ended up getting real sick from being out in it too long... I had pneumonia and was out of school for a good bit.

You'd think after that fiasco that I'd really hate the snow. But I don't!! I love it! (It's the cold I don't like....).

I'll post about this year's blizzard when it's all done...........


Friday, January 29, 2010

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I'm read for another really good snow storm... Fire up the wood stove and keep it going all day. Grab the sled and slide down the front hill. And hop in the Hot Tub, just for good measure....

So bring on the 4-8 inches!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quilt projects

A long time ago on this blog, I talked about some projects I was working on or wanted to work on. I've completed a couple (one on the list, and one not...) and have compiled some pics...

One little thing I mentioned was a "jar quilt". Now, fabric isn't cheap, and the thought of searching all over to buy lots of different fabrics for a jar quilt was a little daunting. Until I hit ebay! Not only did they have a variety, it was already cut, and would all come in a nice little package.

This was the first bundle of pieces, the sweets!

And then came the fruits and veggies.

And after some working and tweaking - came the quilt!
When the dining room table is clean, it's a table runner.

Oooops - didn't think to take a picture of it on the table!

The next quilt was a test of ability, patience, and speed. Let me set the story....

A large group of my friends participate in something called "MMC" or "Make-My-Christmas". I've only been around this group of folks for a couple of years, but this tradition has gone on for 16 years or so. Everyone who wants to participate puts their name in a hat, then everyone draws a name out. Whoevers name you draw, you must MAKE them a present. There are about 30 people who participate, including a couple of kids. Sounds simple enough, right?

What about if you draw someone's name that you know nothing about??????? Don't even know who she is????

Names were drawn on November 1st, and the exchange party was December 19th. Just a tad under 7 weeks. I had to learn about this woman, and design something, and make it in that time.

What I learned was that she was a HUGE Boston Redsox fan, that her favorite colors were green, orange and yellow. (I learned other stuff, too, but it wasn't relevent to this post... LOL!)

I knew I was going to make a quilt, but now was undecided to go with the green/orange/yellow theme. Or the BoSox theme.
As you can see, the Bo Sox theme won out.

Although the BoSox fabric didn't.

I managed to find some scraps of VINTAGE fabric, but all other BoSox fabric is discontinued.

So I went with the Boston Red Sox colors, and held my breath.

(Just a shot of the back and some of the quilting...)

I decided on a simple pattern that would most highlight the few logo scraps that I had, and went from there.

And made it lap size. Big enough to curl up with on the couch.

But most importantly, I think she liked it! I was terribly worried. It's a bit nerve-wracking to make something so personal for someone you don't know. From the design, to the fabric shopping, to the assembly, and presentation.

Although I've watched and attended MMC before, this was the first time I participated. I really had a good time, and will do it again for sure. I had a TON of comments, and really felt good about my accomplishments. Not just that I made this quilt for someone, but it's also the fastest I've ever completed a quilt.

So now I know I can....

Are you working on any projects??? Like what???


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Atlantic City Thanksgiving

Ahem... I realize it's January. And I'm just getting around to a post about Thanksgiving. I've been a little remiss in my blogging. Ooops. Anyway - here's our Thanksgiving mostly in pics.

We drove up to Dover Wednesday night, and stayed at Dover downs (sorry, no pics there). Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, we got up and drove to Atlantic City.

Most every place was closed for the holiday, so we decided have our Thanksgiving dinner at WAWA. Yep, WAWA.

We had the classic Turkey Bowl which had mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey, covered in gravy and topped off with cranberry sauce. Sounds daunting since it was from a gas station, but it was quite enjoyable!!

Now for AC pictures:

This was the sunrise from our hotel room at the Tropicana.

What a great way to wake up!

It was cold and crisp, but beautiful out there.

Here is a shot later in the day of our view.

Looking away from the ocean.

The blue building in the center is Harrah's. At night, the side of this building is a great light display. Pictures didn't come out!

The Tropicana was decked out for the holidays already at Thanksgiving. This is in the center of "The Quarter". This area is surrounded by clubs and restaurants and once an hour they have a Christmas light show with the trees. And it snows. Inside.

We were also told that while we were in AC, we needed to get a sub from White house subs. They were MUCH larger than we thought, and took us all weekend to eat them. Of course, we went back on Sunday on the way out of town to get some to-go for the one who told us about it. While there, we met a guy from Hampton (in AC) who was getting 7 (yes, seven) of these subs to take back home. Small world.

On one of the days, we decided to venture down the boardwalk to check out other casinos. We went into Trump Plaza, Bally's and Caesar's. Caesar's has "The Pier Shops at Caesar's". A pier that extend out over the Atlantic, but is a 3 story mall with shops and restaurants. The views from the end are amazing, and the third floor has a seating area perfect for watching sunsets.

Also inside the Pier Shops, they have a three story water show. Here is a picture right before it started, with the fountain spelling "HI". Shortly after this picture, the lights dimmed and a terrific water show ensued to a beautiful blend of music, sound and light! If you ever get up there, don't miss this!

Here is a sunset picture from the third floor of the Pier.

And one more right before the sun completely set. You can see the Tropicana off to the right with the small dome on top.

And as we were walking back, the sun almost completely gone, I got this neat picture of the boardwalk. Lots of activity going on there...

And that was our Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell! Not much to talk about the casino, cause we lost all our money, but at least the rooms were free, and the views spectacular!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Baby it's cold outside!

I'm not a big fan of the cold... It's nice for a day or two. And it's ok when you plan for it to be really cold and go for a nice long hike in the woods. But this un-ending cold spell is not really my idea of fun.

We fire up the wood stove most nights and get the game room nice and toasty. And the heated mattress pad is a welcoming treat when it's pre-heated so your toes will be warm when you crawl into bed.

But I'd rather have it warm/hot outside so we could sit on the porch with a nice cold beverage and watch the world go by.....

Do you like warm or cold weather? Why