Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilt Show - Art or other?

This weekend was the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show at the Hampton Roads Conventions Center.  I'm very fortunate to live VERY close to this location and LOVE to visit this show nearly every day.

I stopped by there on Thursday for a brief visit of vendors, before leaving for an appointment.

Thursday on the evening news, there was a story about a controversial quilt.  Complete with someone being threatened to be removed by police.  At a quilt show.

What had some people up in arms?  A quilt, of course.  But it was an art quilt.  Some of the offended women claimed it was por.nographic and should not have been included.

It was part of a special exhibit named "No Place to Call Home".   The description in the program reads:
"Homelessness exists all around the world.  There are a myriad of conditions that result in homelessness: poverty, unemployment, lack of education, drug addiction, abandonment, mental illness, war and civil unreast, along with man-made and natural disasters.  This exhibit takes a look at homelessness in all its implications.  Presented by the artists of SAQA and curated by Kathleen McCabe, SAQA Curator-in-Training."  
 I've been trying to decide whether or not to post the photo here or not, and let you decide.  And in the end, decided not to.  I will however post the "label" that was beside the quilt with the artists description of the piece and how it was made:

The basic description of the quilt was a woman living in a cardboard box.  She was completely naked, sitting "indian style" (that's what we called it as a kid, not sure of how else to describe it).  She was pregnant and semi-transparent, meaning you could see her breast as well as her heart and lungs, and you could see her child in her her uterus, and veins in one arm.   And since she's sitting cross-legged, you can see her private area.  And that's what had people upset.  Even demanding it to be removed.

To the credit of the quilt show organizers, they did not remove it.  I think it's up to each individual to decide how they feel about it, and move on if it offends you.  Simple.

I was personally NOT offended.  I saw it for what it was.  I enjoyed the entire show, and saw some other amazing quilts as well.

How easily offended are you by art?  Is there a point when it's too graphic?


Monday, February 21, 2011

Nothing update

I don't really have anything new to blog about.  But still wanted to post something anyway.  What do you do when you want to blog, but have writer's block?  For me - RANDOMNESS.

I've been looking for a pattern for the black, white, and red fabric I bought.  Most of the fabrics are rather large print, so I needed a pattern that would highlight them.  Thumbing through April/May 2011 issue of Quilt magazine, lo and behold, there was a Black, White & Red all over pattern.  I like it, but will probably adapt it a bit to better suit my fabrics.

Coming up this weekend is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show just a couple short miles from my house.   People come from all over the county to go to this show, and I can get there is 3 simple turns.  Yep, I'll be there all weekend.  More on that later in the week...

It's "President's Day" here, so that means a day off for me.  I love President's Day holiday because it's always near my birthday (which was Sunday), so it was an extra day celebration for me.  

The weather continues to fluctuate.  78 on Friday, 65 on Saturday, 55 Sunday, and back to 72 today.  Can you believe they are talking about flurries tonight!  With a high of 40 tomorrow.  UGH!  Some consistency would be lovely.  Consistently 70's, please!

Yep, that's all I can think of...


Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - The Weather

It's Friday, so that means Favorite Things Friday again inspired by Shay over at Quilting in my Pajamas.  
Sorry this one is so late, but I was actually out enjoying my FTF!

Today, my FTF is a rare 78 degree day in the middle of February.  Earlier this week, it was 45 for a high, and as you can see from the 7-day forecast, it's going to get chilly again shortly.

But to have this kind of sunshine and warmth today was a real treat!  

I went outside.  I opened the windows in the house.  I walked at the Botanical Gardens for hours.  

So that's it.  Simple, but so refreshing and good for the soul!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eagle Update

A few weeks ago I posted about the Norfolk Botanical Garden's Eagle Cam as part of a Favorite Things Friday.  We were anxiously awaiting the eggs, and now  they are here!  3 eggs were laid, each three days apart.  The first on February 3rd, the second on February 6th, and the third on February 9th.  The eggs will hatch between 35-38 days later, which will be around the first part of March.

While there is not a "LOT" of activity right now, there is almost always guaranteed to be an eagle on the nest.  The male and female are switching out right now, and at times you can see them get up and "roll" the eggs.

The camera quality is one of the best I've seen on any wildlife cam.  Here is a screen shot from this morning:

Male eagle (or DADDY)

It's supposed to be 70+ degrees here on Friday, and I'm off work.  I'm seriously considering wandering over to the Gardens to see if I can see the eagles out hunting!

Wish me luck!