Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random stuff

Yes - I'm in the Olympic withdrawal stage.  I absolutely enjoyed them, and spent too much time watching them, and am sad they're over.  I'm not quite as big a fan of the winter games, because I don't like the cold that much, but I'm looking forward to them too.

Now that Olympics are over, we can get on with the fall reality shows.  Biggest Loser starts soon, which is always fun, and Survivor promises to be a big hit as usual.  I may try to catch this season of Amazing Race.  I've not watched it in a while, but may see what this season holds.

Labor Day weekend is here, which means another huge event that we are planning and executing.  Always a ton of work, but always a ton of fun.  This year, looks like we might get some rain from Fay.  Figures.  Camping, picnic, rain...  It's never stopped us before!  Won't stop us now.

Haven't updated enough here.  Sorry...  

Visited the Maryland Zoo a couple of weekends ago, and also got to go to an Orioles game.  Zoo was fabulous, and had the best Penguins (oh, okay...  I'm a sucker for a cute penguin!), and also had a baby camel, and a baby elephant.  Got to feed a giraffe, which was a cool experience.  The O's game was great!  The seats are way too small for any human being, although the location was really good.  And they WON that night!  YEAH!

Lots of event planning...  More event planning, with a little event planning thrown in for good measure, and that will sum up my week.  Thank goodness for AWESOME volunteers and tons of folks sharing duties...


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes - I've gotten sucked into a "Social Networking" site.  I said it would never happen (but then again, I never thought I'd be blogging either, but here I am), but I'm having fun with it.  I'm keeping it to a minimum right now, while just adding those folks that I know well, or that I trust, or that I don't mind if they are poking around....  I've added the link to this blog onto my profile page, so we'll see if I actually get anyone to wander here from over there.

What's next?  MySpace?  LinkedIn?  One of the other hundreds that are out there????

Nah - this is good for now.  Maybe later...


Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Update

So, I’ve spent WAY too much time staying up late watching the Olympics.  And sadly, I usually fall asleep watching something I’m really trying to stay awake to see.  So far, though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching:

  • Women’s Beach Volleyball – Misty and Kerry are dominating, and doing a wonderful job!
  • Men’s Swimming – Michael Phelps is unstoppable!  He amazes me every time I watch him.
  • Women’s Swimming – usually intermingled with the men’s challenges.  Always a thrill.
  • Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics – The things these kids do with their bodies…  WOW!
  • Men’s and Women’s Synchronized Diving – Diving is tough enough – but SYNCHRONIZED – very cool!

Sports that I’ve only got to see bits and pieces of, but have still enjoyed are:  Baseball, Tennis, and Water Polo.

I haven’t gotten to see Equestrian, Canoe/Kayak, Softball, Badminton (really???) and Table Tennis, but think it’d be fun to watch these.

I can’t believe the games are half over.  Maybe then I can get some sleep…..


Friday, August 8, 2008


WooHoo!  It's time for the summer Olympics!  I really enjoy watching them and rooting for Team USA!

Go get 'em guys and gals!


Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yep - Buckets.  

My friend K has been reading a book called "How Full is your Bucket?"  Over dinner one night, she explained the basic premise of the book, and that is we all have a bucket.  When you are nice to someone, or they are nice to you, they fill your bucket or you fill theirs.  When someone is negative to you, or you are negative to someone else, a dipper removes from the bucket and diminishes their(or your) positive outlook.

K is a very positive, energetic, and generally "festive" person.  She regularly fills peoples bucket around her (and even those of complete strangers), and it's always fun to hang out with her.  So, a few of us (later named the "bucket brigade") were able to join her on a "booze cruise" to help her celebrate her birthday.  One member of the party actually went so far as to get her an actual bucket for her birthday, that we all signed with birthday wishes and filled with trinkets from the night.  I enjoyed filling her bucket on her birthday, as I know everyone else did too.

Unfortunately for K - someone she cared for KICKED her bucket.  Yep - emptied it, so to speak!  And doesn't seem at all bothered that they did it.  

I hope that the coming weeks get better for her, and all her true friends start refilling her bucket.  I'm sure D and I will do our part too...

Go fill a bucket!