Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Over two years ago, on another blog (that is pretty much defunct, I haven't posted on it in over a year) I did several posts about a new roof we had put on.  HERE are the before pictures, HERE are the in progress pictures (and basically finished, because I apparently didn't do an after post....  Sheesh!)

Well, mostly finished.  It was 99% done.  I've been waiting over two years for the finishing touch.

And here it is.  THE most important part of the roof:

This mermaid weathervane has been sitting in the shed, just waiting for someone to put her up.  And now that she's there, she's BEAUTIFUL!  We live just blocks from the water, and no other weathervane would have represented us as well as this one.

I LOVE it!  She makes me smile every time I pull in to the driveway...

Happy Turkey Day!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Quotes from this week

This week while watching the TLC reality show "Police women of Dallas",  I heard two of the funniest lines I've heard in a while.

#1 - Drunk guy walking his bike and talking to it.  Being questioned by officers -
Drunk Guy "You're about to get your knees cut off."
Officer "What?"
Drunk Guy "Well, not really, but you're about to get your knees cut off."
Officer "Just my knees?"
Drunk Guy "Yep, just your knees"

#2 - Another Drunk guy - stopped for driving while intoxicated.  Being asked to take a breathalyzer.
He pretends not to understand how to blow into the machine.  Several times.  After about the 10th to 12th time of not getting it right (trying to mess up on purpose, I assume) he states, "My blow is broken."
Yep, his blow is broken.

Ah - the things we say when we've been drinking....

Hmmm...  Maybe I should get plastered and then BLOG!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Highlight of a Roadtrip

Went on a little road trip last weekend to western North Carolina for an annual event.  While there were MANY, MANY fun moments, and lots of highlights that include seeing folks that I sometimes only get to see once a year, I really want to share one specific highlight.

While driving home on Sunday, we took the scenic route for part of the trip.  An one point, we were driving through the little town of Salisbury, NC.  We saw several signs for "Historic Mural" and after the 3rd or 4th sign, we were convinced to stop.

STUNNING!  And after the first few pictures, we decided to make it interactive.......

Just in case - I'm in the yellow jacket...  

Have you ever encountered a great piece of art and jumped in???


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where did this year go????

Wow!  I can't believe it's November and that Christmas is a mere 53 days away...  It really does feel like summer was just here.   

Oh wait....  That's probably because we had temperatures in the 80's (almost 90) last week.  

But now that the temperatures are falling (much to my dismay), it's finally setting in that fall is here, and the holidays are peeking right around the corner.

I'm reading blogs with folks working on holiday projects, and thinking, OH SHIT!  

I signed up for Make My Christmas (MMC) again this year.  In case you're new or forgot, MMC is similar to a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, but you MAKE a gift for the person whose name you draw.  And in return, you get a handmade gift from whoever draws your name.  Last year was my first time participating and you can read about my project and the results in the second half of THIS post.  

Luckily, this year I drew someone's name that I know.  A little bit.  But I've gotten some good info, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a clue about this blog, so I just might post some preview pics along the way.  I'll say this:  I'm going to once again step outside my comfort zone and do things with fabric I've never done before.  

Easy now - don't go going anywhere crazy with your thoughts on that last sentence......  ;)  It's a quilt, after all.  

Ordered some supplies and books on amazon today to help the project along.

Off on another out-of-town adventure this coming up weekend, and then I'll be home to get started....

That's about it for now...