Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dentist Visit

A few weeks ago I was flossing (because flossing is good for you), and a filling in one of my back teeth felt like it came loose.  When I bit down, it felt like it went back into place.  Hmmmm, I thought.  That was weird.

Over the next few weeks, I noticed that I was getting a lot of food particles stuck up there.  I figured it was from the filling, and also assumed it really wouldn't get better, but would only get worse.  So I decided to get it checked out....

Now the fun part.  Insurance.  When I bought my business, I lost *regular* insurance, and had to get individual insurance.  I could post for days about that process, and my thoughts about the whole insurance industry, but I'll spare you.  Suffice to say, it's a hassle.  When I did get insurance, I purchased dental insurance as well.  I've had the insurance for almost a year, and haven't used any of it until recently (mostly because I just don't *get it*).

I called the dentist that I've been going to since I was 18 (yes, with some gaps in there), and explained my situation, and they said the earliest they could get me in would be mid-April.  MID APRIL???  Good thing my teeth weren't falling out!  And a cleaning would be later than that.  So I called another dentist office that came HIGHLY recommended.  They could see me the next day (this morning) and would try to figure out my insurance (it's even a pain for them!).  

I got there this morning, and they were wonderful.  They did everything they could to try to figure out my insurance, and left me with some homework.  As far as the actual visit with the dentist, it went well.  Apparently, I loosened the filling, but also broke part of the tooth off.  They took out the old filling, and put a new one in.  The old one was easily 20+ years old.    The dentist was SUPER nice, and his assistant was too.  The downside is the numb face.  Can't feel a thing.  And those shots HURT! 

Now comes the part where we have to figure out all the insurance crap and find out what I owe for the visit.  It's one of the hassles of owning a small business where you don't qualify for traditional group insurance.  Sounds like the ladies in the dental office are more than willing to help out with all that, so that's definitely a plus!

I go back for a cleaning in two weeks.  After two years or more.  So wish me luck...


Bowling (Yes, you read that right)

I actually went to bowling last night and bowled.  Since the whole Ankle incident, I wasn't allowed, and then I got sick, and finally made it back out there.  Let's get the scores out of the way, and then we'll chat, k?

1st game -   95
2nd game - 90
3rd game - 150

Now, you might think there's a typo in there, and that my last game is actually supposed to read "50", but you'd be wrong.  I actually bowled a 150.  I just looked back, and my highest game this season was a 146.  Last year (when I wasn't blogging), my highest game was a 153.  So I came close.  I can't believe I bowled a 150 after my first two games were so poor.

The ankle - It really wasn't too bad.  It had a few moments where it hurt like hell, but over all it held out.  I did take Ibuprofen right before I went, so maybe that helped.  

It was really fun to be back bowling and throwing the ball.  It's been since before christmas (except the first week after I sprained it, I played one game, and had to stop), and I missed it.  I had fun going and hanging out, but missed the bowling.

So, this may become a weekly feature again.  We'll see.  If the scores start blowing again, then it'll get the ax!  Until next week...


Friday, February 20, 2009


˙ʇsnp ǝɥʇ sǝʇıq ǝuo ɹɥʇouɐ  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reality Shows

I'm a reality show junkie.  I've said it before, and I make no pains to hide it.  Just consider it a character flaw.....

Ok - here is the list of the reality shows I am currently watching.  Too many?  Yeah, maybe.  But to each his own, right?  No, I don't plan my day around the tv.  That's what DVR is for.  I set them to record.  If I'm home, great.  If not, I'll catch up on it when I can.

Amazing Race - didn't watch the first episode when it aired, but since I was home sick and stuck on the couch, and some facebook friends were talking about it, I watched the first episode online.  Yep, now I'm hooked.

The Bachelor - this one is almost over.  Looks like a major twist is coming in two weeks.  So we'll see.

Biggest Loser - yes,  I know the results are not typical.  But it's pretty cool to watch people transform their lives.  This season has been a LOT nicer than last season.

American Idol - I think this season has started out rough.  They have made some changes that I think are not in the show's best interest.  Trying to change too many things at one could possibly be this show's downfall.  You know the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  This show wasn't broken.  But they are trying to fix it.  We'll see how it goes...

Survivor - someone recently asked me wasn't I tired of this show?  Nope.  I can never get enough.  There is always some predictability, however they throw in just the right amount of twists without trying to change the whole thing (like Idol).  This season looks pretty promising, too.  

Hell's Kitchen - I caught the first couple of episodes, but haven't seen any more.  Not sure if I'll see the rest of the season or not.

Celebrity Apprentice - this hasn't started yet, but the celebrity line-up looks interesting enough to check it out.  Andrew Dice Clay next to Joan Rivers?  Dennis Rodman on the same team with Scott Hamilton?  And a few other colorful characters.  

I also watch Little People, Big World on TLC as well as Jon and Kate plus Eight from time to time.  Both are insights into families that are different from the norm, but living as normally as they can.   They are shows that can inspire you.  Show you that you make the best of whatever comes your way.

I'll likely forget to update, so if you want my feedback on what's going on with any of the shows above, just holler!


Hodge Podge

I've been under the weather for almost a week now.  It's frustrating, cause I really don't like to be still.   And I know that in order to get better, I have to rest.  So, I didn't leave the couch for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  I just knew that would knock it out.  Nope.  Had a planned day off tomorrow, but ended up taking half a day off from work yesterday, took the day off today, and figure I'll be sitting here on the couch again tomorrow too.  Frustrating.  I had planned on bowling last night, but this crud stopped me from going, because I didn't really want to spread my germs around, and because I didn't have the energy to throw a ball.  More frustrating.  

I've been spending an awful lot of time online since I've been sick, as well as watching a disgusting amount of tv.  My online time is split up between a few sites, and I've gotten hooked on a couple of live streaming videos.  What are they?  Well, there is the hummingbird babies in California.  A couple in CA had a hummingbird build a nest on a tiki light they have on their porch.  The set up a webcam, and the following is almost cult-ish.  It can be found HERE.   Another one is the doodles in New Jersey.  Two litters, one a litter of golden doodles, and one litter of labradoodles.  I'm so drooling over these puppies, it's not funny.  Don't tell my Casey, though.  She's been so good while I've been sick and hasn't left my side.  Almost literally.  But I digress.  The link to the doodles can be found HERE.   And the last one I'm hooked on is the local eagle cam.  These eagles have been in the area for a long time, and the local botanical garden has done an awesome job of following them.  They can be found HERE.  For some reason, I can't get the eagle cam up this morning.  Perhaps it's down for maintenance.  

I watched the movie Office Space.  I'm not usually a fan of what I call *slapstick comedy*, but this movie was funny!  I now get all the jokes when they talk about it at work...

I also watched Madagascar 2.  I think this movie was funnier than the first one.  The jokes are hilarious, and most of them are geared towards adults more than kids.  The kids will enjoy the animation, and be able to follow it very well.  But the adults will LOVE this movie and all of the adult humor.  And of course, the penguins are a stand-out in the film!

I've caught up on all of the DVR and all of the reality shows that I've got even a passing interest in.  Hmmm....  I think that will be a post all it's own, cause that would take up about half of this post.

An ankle update - went back to the doc on Tuesday.  We chatted about it for a bit, and the conclusion pretty much was, suck it up and deal with it.  It has improved, but that darned piece of bone still irritates me.  Not all the time.  It has it's moments.  I'll go back if it gets worse, or becomes unbearable.  

Yep, a Hodge Podge of stuff.  Sitting on the couch sucks.  Feeling bad sucks.  Not being able to enjoy a day off sucks.  I really hope I start feeling better soon!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday night at Funny Bones

Friday night, we enjoyed a great night out with a couple that D works with.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and then to Funny bones for a show.  

Let's start with dinner.  Cheesecacke Factory doesn't do reservations, so we knew we'd have to wait when we got there.  Surprisingly, they were right on target, and we waited about 40 minutes for a table.  I saw someone drinking a Blue Moon that looked like it was on tap, and wanted one.  I bellied up to the  bar, and the bartender said they don't usually serve to those waiting for a table, but I guess I looked thirsty, and they gave in.  So, tall Blue Moon on tap with an orange!  Woohoo!  And boy was it cold, which made it all the better.  I ordered Chicken Marsala for dinner, and was pleasantly surprised.  I haven't had it in a while, and have been having a hard time finding someplace that makes it well.  This was fabulous.  The marsala sauce was perfect.  Surprisingly, I only ate half of it, and had to take the other half home.  But that was great, because then I got to eat it twice...  YUMMM!  CF had healthy options on their menu, which was great, but they really could have named the dishes better.  The biggest example was the Weight Management Grilled Chicken dish.  Really?  Someone has to actually say, "I'll have the Weight Management Grilled Chicken, please."  Now, come on!  For those of us that need to order healthy meals, do we need the further embarrassment of saying "Weight Management Grilled Chicken"  Cheesecake Factory can do better than that!  Luckily, it was a delicious dish.  And enough to also take home and have leftovers.

As for Funny Bones.  The act we were going to see was J. Medicine Hat, a Native American Hypnotist.  If that's not funny right there, than what is???  Anyway...  Medicine Hat is his Indian Name.  He had a lot of native american characteristics, and was generally a riot.  When he called for volunteers and then subsequently hypnotized them, you could tell he fully believed in what he was doing.  Do I?  I'm not 100% sure.  Part made you really believe, and parts made you skeptical.  I know that if I was up there, I would NEVER have done some of the things he had them do.  And I can't believe that the people up there would say or do some of the things they did consciously.  But you never know, right?  Either way, it was EXTREMELY funny.  Whether they knew what they were doing or not.  The whole act of the hypnotized volunteers lasted about an hour.  During that hour, he had them singing, dancing, acting out behaviors, responding to sounds, saying things in response to trigger words, and much more.   I'm pretty sure I laughed for an hour straight, and would definitely go see him again...  Do you believe in hypnotism?

Fun night.  Now I'm getting sleepy.  Very sleepy.  On the count of three, I'll end this post...





Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Ankle Update

As promised, here is another update on the ankle saga.  

You can read the previous posts HERE and HERE.

I went to the foot dr. yesterday after wearing the aircast for *most* of the three weeks.  I did mention in the previous post that it hurt.  So for most of this week, I didn't wear it.  How was it feeling when I went back?  Well basically, sometimes it was perfectly fine, and sometimes it hurt pretty bad.  One extreme to the other, and no clear reasoning as to why.

He poked and asked questions, and wrote notes, and then said what I was dreading the most.  He was going to stick me.  With a needle.  In my foot.  Near a bone.  LUCKILY, he was kind enough to spray my foot with the freezing spray, which helped with the initial stick, but didn't help much once he was in there rooting around.  It hurt.  A lot.  (But not as bad as the cortisone injections I had in my heel nearly 10 years ago......).  But it still hurt.

He wants to see me back in 10-14 days.  I opted for 12.  I specifically asked him, if it wasn't improving by then, was he going to stick me again, and he said no, they would just take it off at the ankle.  Sounds reasonable.  But he did say that if it wasn't improving, they may have to consider going in and removing the piece of bone.  REALLY not looking forward to that, so here's hoping this works.

As I left, I forgot to ask him if I could bowl.  I mentioned this to the office clerk checking me out.  She asked "Well, could you bowl before???".  I told her honestly, that no, I really sucked and that my team had been winning some games since I'd been out.  She went to ask him, and his response was that the team could continue winning some games, cause I had to sit out the next two weeks.  HMPH!  

And speaking of bowling....  The one week I don't go and hang out with the team, one of my teammates bowls a 208!  And I missed it!!  I'm so bummed!!!

One last thing...  I told him that I really wanted to take pictures of my x-rays for my blog.  He laughed at first, then put them up for me.  I forgot the regular camera, and had to take them with my phone which distorted the lighting.  But I think you can still see the culprit.  

The second picture you can tell was put up backwards, but you can still see it.

Will definitely post an update again...


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

About a year or so ago, I stumbled upon a show on the food network called Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  The host, Guy Fieri, travels around the country and features unique dining locations that might be overlooked unless you're a local, or you've heard about it from a local.  Sometimes it's a spot that has gained notoriety because they do something out of the ordinary, or something exceptionally well.  In my area, we've had a few places that were featured.  I have visited all three of the locations before I ever heard about the show, and loved them all.  One of them I have been visiting since I was a small kid.

After talking with some of our friends from Pennsylvania, we found out a while back that they were big fans of the show, and try to hit as many locations as are on the LIST.  The were going to visit one about 75 miles away, and wanted to know if we wanted to go.  SURE.

So we headed to Dot's Back Inn in Richmond.  

I'm sorry to say, we were a little disappointed.  The atmosphere was all that was promised in the show, it was small and tucked away, and we almost missed it.  We went on Saturday, about 1:00pm.  We waited about 30 minutes for a table, and then took a look at the menu.  It was a brunch menu, and only had a couple of the dishes that were featured on the show.  I personally was really looking forward to the Chicken MacArthur.  G & D were looking forward to the Sailor Sandwich.

We asked if these items were available, and were told "Not on the weekends".  Really???  You're featured on this great food show on Food Network, and you aren't going to offer the dishes that were featured on the weekends?  When most people can get there?  OK.  We'll settle on burgers.  G & I ordered ours medium rare.  D order hers medium well.  They looked good when they came, and we quickly realized they weren't quite right.  Mine was well.  D's was rare.  And G's was well.  D & I were able to switch, but G had to eat his.  

The visit wasn't a total loss, as we got to visit one of the locations on the list, and the company was fun!

Where to next?  Who knows...  Can't wait to get up to Baltimore and visit some spots there.  There are 4 or 5 there alone!