Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random updates

Been a while since I just updated about what's going on.  Probably because nothing major has been happening.  

We got a new sofa.  A dual reclining sofa from La-Z-Boy.  It's green microfiber, and is VERY comfortable.  

We went shopping on Black Friday.  Actually, we got up at 3:00 am on Friday and were at JCPenney at 4:00 am.  Yep, 4:00 am.  For what?  Waffle irons.  The best time spent in the morning was at Lowe's.  Lots of good deals there.  We hit five stores, a mall, and had breakfast, and were home by 11:00 am.  Good thing we had a new reclining sofa to take a nap in!

We got all 17 Christmas totes and the new fake tree out of the attic to start decorating the house.  It's not done, but it's all out.  I think we're gonna skip the outside lights this year, just because its such a short season.  So the Porch Blog won't get the light effects.  There's always next year.  

We've got a super fun Saturday night planned with some gals from the neighborhood.  Each year, one of them organizes a "Progressive Dinner".  Appetizers at one house, dinner at another, and dessert at yet another.  The appetizer and dessert location changes each year with people volunteering (or being asked by the organizer) to be a host location.  Last year, we hosted appetizers.  This year, we aren't hosting anything, but dessert ends up at our next door neighbor's, so that's a bonus for us!  Right next door to home...  Will try to remember to do an updated post next week about it.  

That's about it for now...



Annapants! said...

The progressive dinner sounds like fun! But, 17 totes of Christmas decorations?!?!?! Oh my!

AMW said...

Yeah - there's a lot. At least half are going back up without being opened. Like the outside lights. Keep in mind though, that there are 3 LARGE long totes of nothing but wrapping paper (cause you know, you just can't pass it up on sale), 1 LARGE tote of storage containers for cookies and other baked goods, 1 LARGE tote of nothing but christmas gift bags. So it adds up quick.... LOL!