Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sprained Ankle

Ok - so I'm going to attempt to catch up on some of the many things I've been meaning to blog about.  

To start off the New Year, D and I went on a cache run on Jan 3.  It was to be a high number day to get me toward a goal of hitting 2000 for the milestone event the following week.  We set out early on Saturday, and went out to VB since we have so many unfound out there.  The day was going well, and within a short time at mid-morning we already had 10 finds, with a couple of DNF's, and been questions by police.  We were pulling up to a quick park and grab when I stepped out of the truck, onto a gum-ball, rolled my ankle pretty good, caught myself, but then fell as soon as I put weight on said ankle.  So there I was, on the ground, in a parking lot, from a gum-ball.  D didn't see what happen, cause a likely hiding spot was on her side of the car, and she jumped out (without incident) to look for the cache.  Next thing she knows is that I'm on the ground calling her name asking for a little help.

She gets me up and in the car (we DNF'd the cache), and head to a nearby Starbucks (where there just also happened to be a cache).  I hobble inside, she makes the cache find, and we try to figure out what to do next.  The nice folks at SBUX give us some ice as I've swollen up pretty good.  

Well, now I was pretty sure I couldn't go on caching for the day, as I was in a pretty good amount of pain, so we went home, and I iced it all day.  I did the whole RICE thing (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for Saturday and Sunday.  I figured it wasn't broken, cause I could walk on it, although not without pain.  

I skipped bowling last Wednesday, cause it was still sore, tender, and swollen.  Rested a bit more over the weekend.  I'm gonna give bowling a shot tonight, and see how it does.  It's still pretty swollen, but doesn't hurt quite as bad as it has.  Some shoes are more uncomfortable than others.  It's a process, I suppose.  

I don't have very good insurance since I own my own business (that's a whole other post), so I didn't go get it checked.  But a friend of ours is a former ER nurse, and she saw me that Saturday night and said if I could walk, I was fine.  So I suppose I'm fine.  But it sure has hurt a lot for being fine!  (Yep, being a cry-baby!)


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Annapants! said...

Cache war wounds... from a gumball.