Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Score one for the trailer hitch!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later....

This morning on my normal commute into work, I was rear-ended.  I have to travel through the HRBT to and from work, and it's just not any fun.  It's almost always bumper to bumper traffic, stop and go from the moment I get on the interstate, and sometime even through town to get to the interstate.  

I had just passed the last on-ramp, when traffic stopped again.  I stopped.  Looked behind me and a girl in a white Mazda 6 stopped.  Behind her, the Dodge Ram with a trailer, did not stop in time.  He hit the Mazda 6, and she in turn hit me.  I saw it  and heard it coming.  We moved the cars to the shoulder, and got out to look.  The Mazda took the worst of it, cause she was in the middle.  We called the police, and got them on the way.

I checked out my car, and could see where her license plate had hit my trailer hitch.  Her license plate frame was hanging around the ball on my hitch, and her plate was bent pretty good.

But I couldn't see anything on my car except the paint from her license plate on my trailer ball.  I opened and closed all my doors, to make sure they were all working, and they were.  So as far as I can tell, my trailer hitch took most of the hit.

The trooper came, and did all of his stuff, and told us that he wouldn't be filing a report because the damage wasn't significant enough.

So 45 minutes later, there I was heading into work...

I'm already stiffening up, and will be sore tomorrow, no doubt.  Most likely because I saw it coming, and braced myself.  But all things considered, I think I'm ok!  Just not the way I wanted to start the day...


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