Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a Paul's thing...

I decided to do a picture story today about one of our favorite places to eat!  Paul's Restaurant in Pheobus.
We're always on the lookout for the mom&pop style places to eat.  Down home places.  Some folks call them dives.  We LOVE dives, so it's a term we use affectionately.  Paul's is such a place!

This is Paul.  He usually moves so fast, we can't get a good picture of him.  This was the best I could do while he was cooking our breakfast...

Paul's is open Monday through Saturday for Breakfast and Lunch.  He's also open for dinner on Friday only.  That's why he's a little late on Saturday mornings...  ;)

He has a full bar and will serve you a drink anytime you want it.  If you want a beer with your breakfast, this is the place.  I personally can't drink that early, but have seen a few of his patrons do it.  But we do enjoy sitting at the bar for breakfast!

The dining room shows that this place has been around a while, but it's comfy enough, and seat about 70 or so, I think.  Only once have I eaten at a table here....

A quick peek at the menu front.

The inside of the menu.  And below - the most important part:  Breakfast!

I'm pretty sure this is our breakfast cooking.  Pancakes, hash-browns, bacon, eggs.  YUM!

His pancakes are hands-down the best pancakes I have ever eaten.  Make no mistake - I've eaten quite a few pancakes.  But his are the best!!!

And the rest is yummy too!  He makes each order to order.  So you know your food is fresh!

Oh, and we know he's up to no-good when the hat gets flipped to the side.  He's a mischevious one, so we watch out when the hat goes sideways!  

And you never know who'll you'll meet while you're there.  This past week, we met Captain George (with waitress Michelle) who claims to be 105 years old!  He ordered a beer, and Paul made sure he got a warm one.  He knows his customers, and knows that Capt George started drinking before beer was refrigerated.  And knows he likes it warm.  That's customer service!

Michelle moves at the speed of light, too, so pictures of her are often fuzzy.  We all must have been carefully watching something?  I know we couldn't have all been watching this poor fellow eat!?!?
And here is a quick "behind the scenes" tour.  Really, that's it.  

And here's where we get him into trouble, by getting him laughing at something.  We truly enjoy coming in here on a Saturday morning and starting our weekend with Paul!

Stop on by if you get a chance.  

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Kimmyd said...

Been there done that but not with you crazy gals. How about you invite me alond sometime. If I'm in Hampton, it's on......