Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Atlantic City Thanksgiving

Ahem... I realize it's January. And I'm just getting around to a post about Thanksgiving. I've been a little remiss in my blogging. Ooops. Anyway - here's our Thanksgiving mostly in pics.

We drove up to Dover Wednesday night, and stayed at Dover downs (sorry, no pics there). Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, we got up and drove to Atlantic City.

Most every place was closed for the holiday, so we decided have our Thanksgiving dinner at WAWA. Yep, WAWA.

We had the classic Turkey Bowl which had mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey, covered in gravy and topped off with cranberry sauce. Sounds daunting since it was from a gas station, but it was quite enjoyable!!

Now for AC pictures:

This was the sunrise from our hotel room at the Tropicana.

What a great way to wake up!

It was cold and crisp, but beautiful out there.

Here is a shot later in the day of our view.

Looking away from the ocean.

The blue building in the center is Harrah's. At night, the side of this building is a great light display. Pictures didn't come out!

The Tropicana was decked out for the holidays already at Thanksgiving. This is in the center of "The Quarter". This area is surrounded by clubs and restaurants and once an hour they have a Christmas light show with the trees. And it snows. Inside.

We were also told that while we were in AC, we needed to get a sub from White house subs. They were MUCH larger than we thought, and took us all weekend to eat them. Of course, we went back on Sunday on the way out of town to get some to-go for the one who told us about it. While there, we met a guy from Hampton (in AC) who was getting 7 (yes, seven) of these subs to take back home. Small world.

On one of the days, we decided to venture down the boardwalk to check out other casinos. We went into Trump Plaza, Bally's and Caesar's. Caesar's has "The Pier Shops at Caesar's". A pier that extend out over the Atlantic, but is a 3 story mall with shops and restaurants. The views from the end are amazing, and the third floor has a seating area perfect for watching sunsets.

Also inside the Pier Shops, they have a three story water show. Here is a picture right before it started, with the fountain spelling "HI". Shortly after this picture, the lights dimmed and a terrific water show ensued to a beautiful blend of music, sound and light! If you ever get up there, don't miss this!

Here is a sunset picture from the third floor of the Pier.

And one more right before the sun completely set. You can see the Tropicana off to the right with the small dome on top.

And as we were walking back, the sun almost completely gone, I got this neat picture of the boardwalk. Lots of activity going on there...

And that was our Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell! Not much to talk about the casino, cause we lost all our money, but at least the rooms were free, and the views spectacular!


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