Friday, July 9, 2010

PNW Trip - Day 1

Today, we flew from the East Coast to the West Coast. The flights were comfortable and uneventful, even though we had to get up at the un-godly hour of 3:30am. But this early flight allowed us to get into SEA at 11:17 am. So we still had a better part of the day to explore. We weren't meeting up with some of our friends until thursday evening...

So we drove out west on Hwy 90 to Snoqualmie. There was a neat Casino there, and this was the view from the parking lot!

But the main attraction was the Snoqualmie Falls in town.

The raging falls turn into this docile river in mere feet from the bottom.

The falls are undergoing construction right now, to upgrade the hydroelectric power. In three years, the falls will generate electric power to 40,000 homes!

Even from where this picture was taken, we were still getting wet from the mist flying. It was a loud, powerful roar the entire time we were there, as well!

I'm so glad we took the time to go by here. Although we found out later that on Saturdays (we were there on Wednesday) there is a train that goes down to the bottom and along side the falls that provide even more amazing views. So sorry we missed that!

Stay tuned for Day 2 - A short trip to Canada to get my passport stamped. Or not.....


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Nancy said...

Nice picture! I want to go there..