Friday, April 11, 2008

Reality Shows - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

I personally LOVE reality shows. I'm constantly getting sucked into a new one. And I'm unabashed about the ones that I like. Currently, I am watching The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Survivor, and Big Brother. I really, really wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, but there were too many conflicts, and not enough space on the DVR. I also try to catch "The Ultimate Coyote Ugly" on the CMT network. And just finished watching the Celebrity Apprentice.

They are usually predictable, to a point, and you can sometimes see what's coming. I don't mind this too much as there are usually some interesting challenges on these shows. Occasionally, there are BIG surprises. This week, there were a couple....

On Biggest Loser - the two remaining women stayed above the yellow line, and the two remaining men dropped below. Kind of a shocker, as that's backwards from usually happens in this game. It's also odd that one of the women is one that I didn't expect to get very far, and certainly not to the finale. Good for her. It's exciting that there is a possibility that a woman could actually win this year, and be the FIRST female Biggest Loser.

On American Idol - One of the top guys went home this week. I certainly didn't expect to see him in the bottom three, and was even more blown away by his departure. Wow. And I thought he did excellent...

Most of these shows are nearing their end. Finales are coming up within the next few weeks. Should be interesting to see if there are any other big surprises!


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