Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flying: First Class vs. Coach

Yeah, Yeah.... We all know what a huge difference it is. For me, it was a first, because I had never flown First Class. From checking in, to boarding, to leaving. It's a breeze. Checking was as smooth as you can imagine. Standing in the first class line bumps you to the front. Boarding the plane bumps you to the front of the line, and you are less rushed, and can stow, and relax with a drink while everyone else is boarding. The seats are definitely bigger and much more comfortable, and the attendants come by seemingly non-stop to make sure you are having a pleasant flight. We had a hot meals served on two of our flights, one being a breakfast quesadilla with fruit and a bagel. The other was dinner of salad, pot roast, mashed potatoes, veggies, a roll, and chocolate cake for dessert. I almost forgot I was on an airplane. When it was time to get off the plane, you are the first ones off, avoiding the hassle of standing in the aisle waiting for the folks in front of you.

The ONE downside that I wish I knew in advance: Luggage weight limits. Yes, the airlines have them. BUT! Did you know they are higher for First Class???? Yeah, neither did we! And we didn't find this out on the way out of town. We found this out while returning home after packing, and repacking, and repacking some more, to try to distribute the weight if the bags. Only to be told when we checked in that we had almost a 20 pound leeway. 20 pounds!!!! Sheesh! I could kept shopping, or packed more into the bigger bags.... I'll know for next time!

Will I travel first class all the time? Nope. Can't afford it. Will I splurge the next time I have to go cross-country again? You bet! Made all the difference in the world...

As an aside to this post: One of our friends we were meeting in CA flew coach. When we arrived at the airport, and met up with her, her first words to us were. "I AM NOT HAVING FUN YET!". Hmmm.... to tell her about this post, or not??? We'll see.... :)


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