Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, on our trip out west, we stayed in several hotels. We stayed the first three nights in a Super 8. Yep, we flew first class, and stayed in a Super 8. We were splitting the room with another friend (whose coach flight out didn't go very well), so it was cramped quarters. The hotel, and room were nothing to write home about. There were issues with the bathroom floor, and the tub floor. It was a tight but manageable few days. The 4th night, we stayed in another Super 8 (yes another one) but the difference was huge. The room was twice as big, and the hotel was twice as nice (at least). And this is the same chain. It amazes me the differences within the same chain. 5th night was in a Casino hotel, as we found Casino's along the way to throw away our trip money. This was probably the nicest hotel we stayed at for the same price as the (2nd) Super 8. The 6th night was a Days Inn. Nice enough hotel, but absolutely NO signs to tell you how to get there. Must have done 3 U-turns trying to find it. Checked into the first room, and it was unbelievable small. Called downstairs to upgrade, and were quickly moved to a much more spacious move. No charge.

The 7th, 8th, and 9th night, we stayed at a friends house outside of Seattle, and the accommodations were supreme!

In short, I guess it's a crap shoot. We've stayed at GREAT Super 8's. And not so great Super 8's. All in the name of earning free nights...


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