Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling

Last night was bowling night.  We're not real sure when it ends, just know that it is sometime in May.  I didn't get my shoes on in time to throw any practice balls, so just had to wing it.

1st game -   138
2nd game - 137
3rd game -  119

Not too shabby for winging it.  My current average is 109 and last night's average was 131. Still no clue what I did different, but was excited to be somewhat consistent.  Our team took 2/3 games and totals.  The team we played weren't that thrilled.  I think they are in 5th place or so, and we are in 38th.  Out of 39.  Ooops.  

Definitely a fun night!  

Oh and KD - the hair looks FAB!


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