Monday, March 16, 2009

Dreaming Big

The weather this weekend was pretty crappy.  Cold, rainy, and just all around miserable.  Luckily, it was the weekend of the annual RV show at the convention center.  Who can go wrong with a day of daydreaming about luxurious campers.

Now don't get me wrong.  We really do like our pop-up a lot.  It's got a king bed on both ends, and a slide-out dinette.  So it feels very roomy.  But we can dream, right?

We got there, and started wandering around looking in newer pop-ups and small towable hard-sided campers.  Most of them actually felt smaller than our pop-up.  And the ones that felt roomy were the great big campers, 5th wheels or driving campers.

Then we walked into this one:
Yes, it's too big.  Yes, we don't need it.  Yes, we're in a recession and we're just as affected as the next guy.  Yes, we'd have to get a truck big enough to tow it.  Yes, Yes, Yes, it's tooo much.

But the layout, and the convenience, and the comfort is definitely calling!  It's open and roomy, and feels like you could have a grand old time hanging out in this.  Virtually no set required when you get to your destination.  You push a button to slide out the sofa and dining room.  You push a button to open the awning.  Level it.  Stabilize it.  You're done.  Definitely a lot less set up and work than a pop-up.  Check out the floor plan:
Needless to say, we didn't get.  But what we did get out of the whole RV show was that we could definitely make some upgrades to the pop-up camper to get us through for a few years.  Things that will make our set up a little easier, as well as things to make hauling our toys easier too.   But first, we need to get our awning fixed, as it broke off last year when closing up.  Oh yeah, and we need to get it inspected, too.  I don't really see any issue with that, but who knows.

As we do upgrades to the pop-up, I'll post here and show pictures of it's progress.



Annapants! said...


Yes, it's too big. That doesn't mean you can't like it!

Anonymous said...

I still hate the haircut but thanks for your vote of confidence. congrats on the great bowling last week. lets hope it spills over to this week too:) said...

oops. I posted comment to the wrong subject. FYI. KO has a pop-up camper as well. We should plan an outing together. It would be splendid. Maybe some of the Wythe gals would like to join us........