Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been working on a few things here and there.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just some projects.  Most of them quilt related.  Did I mention that before?  That I quilted?  Don't think so, but I think most of you who read this already knew that...

I took some pictures (but forgot to put them somewhere I could access them at work) of a recently completed quilt.  This one took WAAAAYYY too long to finish.  I would get stumped by how to do something, and until I worked through it, I walked away from it.  I really need to work on working through it better.

I've got a few more planned, and hopefully, I can get working on them soon.  What's on tap?  A baby's "I SPY" quilt.  A "polka-dot" quilt.  Maybe a "jar" quilt.  I've got designs for them all.  

The baby quilt is the most pressing, as the the little bundle of joy will be home in just a few weeks.  I only found out about his arrival a few weeks ago, so there's a bit of a rush for that one.  Not too bad, as they live a few hours away, so we don't see them very often.

The polka-dot quilt will take a while.  It's going to be queen sized, with ALL polka-dotted fabric.  Lights, darks, mediums, big dots, little dots, solid dots, loud dots.  Should be a really fun looking quilt when it's finished.  Will probably take me a year or more to finish.  I have a feeling there will be quite a bit of handwork on this one and not as much machine work until the squares are finished.

So a "jar" quilt in the mean time might be just the thing to bridge the gaps, and to make a nice table runner.  This one will probably be able to be done almost completely by machine, so it will be nice to have a project that will go quicker.

Pictures - I promise I'll take lots of pictures.  

I'm certainly not the best quilter - but I enjoy it.  I just found out that the lady who I learned from, Edith Hughes, is still teaching.  I took a class with her 11 years ago, and I'm sure she was in her 80's then.  She is surely in her 90's now, and STILL TEACHING!  Wow!  And apparently still driving, and in good health...   I always loved the spunk in that little woman.  I need to visit her soon, I suppose.

Guess I've rambled on enough.  What projects are you working on?


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Annapants! said...

I knew you quilted! ;p

Me... I'm looking for a gym, trying to live without A/C, clearing junk outta the house...