Friday, April 9, 2010

The "yellow" is killing me!

OK, not the color yellow, but the pollen. The whole area has turned yellow. From the cars, to the sidewalks, to street lights, and even the roads. I actually saw tire tracks through the pollen yesterday.

I'll admit that in some settings, it looks cool. Like when it's mixed in the water, and there are awesome yellow swirly designs. But just the fact that it can be seen in the water should let you know that it's too high....

Our local weather guys let us know each day what the Pollen Index is. Moderate days are around 70. Anything over 100 is considered high. Earlier this week, it was over 1300! Don't believe me? Here's proof:

This graphic was taken right from their website and was not altered in any way.

I had to mow the yard yesterday, and pollen was flying everywhere. I was covered in yellow.

I hosed down the front porch, since I couldn't even sit in a chair without getting covered, but didn't bother with the cars or anything else, since it was supposed to storm overnight.

I don't think I've ever looked forward to the storms they were predicting as much as I was last night. They said it would be torrential rains, possibly hail, loud thunder (which the dog hates), and would be done by morning.

Ah, to be able to breath again!

But do you know that when I woke up this morning, I had to ask if it had rained???? I hadn't heard any storms (and a window was open all night), and there was still a good amount of yellow around!

Oh it rained a little, but nothing like what was forecasted. UGH!

So, here I sit with an awful sinus headache, wishing and hoping for RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!

Here is what I saw today when I went to check the Pollen index on the same site:

Folks, I am not making this up. This is truly and genuinely what they put on their site. Again, not altered in any way. GAS MASK HIGH!

And I'm thinking that maybe I should be wearing a gas mask! Perhaps I can get a plain white hospital one, and draw a smiley face on it, that way I can have a perpetual smile when someone asks me for something today.

Cause with this sinus headache, it's gonna be tough to keep a smile attached!

Did I mention I'm out of Claritin?????


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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Pretty sure we stole your rain AMW, because when I woke up this morning it was bucketing down.

I just laughed when I saw "gas mask high" - surely not?

Hope this resolves... but that's what happens when you steal spring and give us autumn!