Thursday, May 6, 2010

Omaha - Day 2

More good....

Today, I had plans to drive to Lincoln, NE and visit the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.

I must admit, that it was a smaller building than I was expecting. But that surprise only lasted momentarily. As I entered, I was greeted warmly and told of the tour that started in less than an hour. The tour was THE main reason I went on Wednesday morning, and was soooooo worth it. If you visit this museum, make sure you visit during one of the times when a tour is going on.

Before the tour started, I wandered up to the third floor to see a one-woman exhibit. Beautiful! This woman had taken up quilting in her 60's, and enjoyed applique so much, that she decided to reproduce some of the most important/historical applique quilts. They were stunning. I was greeted by a volunteer while I was up there, who also gave some additional insight into the museum and exhibit.

The actual guided tour consisted of two exhibits. Perspectives: Art, Craft, Design, & the Studio Quilt and Quilts Under the Microscope. While they were both at opposite ends of the spectrum, they were both absolutely fascinating! I'm so glad I waited and attended during a tour. To wander and see these exhibits alone, I would have missed great information!

Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed anywhere in the museum, so I have none to share, but it was definitely worth the drive out there.

On the drive back, I saw a sign for a "Wildlife Safari". I knew this was something I needed to check out as well, so I did!

It was a leisurely 5 mile drive through the 440-acre sanctuary, and there were animals all around you. A nice break of the interstate drive between Lincoln and Omaha.

Arriving back at Omaha, I decided to check out the Pedestrian Bridge that I had heard so much about. Just a quick visit, as more time was planned there on Thursday.

The bridge was beautiful, just as I suspected. On the way back to the car, however, was quite an unexpected site. Keep in mind, it was VERY windy, with sustained winds between 20-30 mph, with gusts higher.

This poor guy was trying to hula-hoop across the bridge in the wind. It wasn't working out so well for him, but I was thoroughly entertained!

I was on my own for dinner today, so I wandered down to the Old Market area (another VERY cool spot in the city) and ended up at Upstream Brewing Company. I love visiting breweries, and trying something made there. This time I had the American Wheat, as I love a good wheat beer. Dinner was pot roast, because I was waiting for D to go out for steaks in Omaha!

Later that night, another quick trip over to Harrah's Casino! Nope, didn't win big again, but still had fun!!

Tomorrow - The Zoo!!


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