Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Worlds collide

I'm involved in several hobbies, some indoors and some outdoors.  I've freely talked about quilting here, but usually only mention in passing my love of geocaching.  And I know I've not mentioned pathtags, which is where these two worlds collide.

This is my Log Cabin Block Pathtag!

I trade these within the geocaching community, so that my two loves become one.  

Just wanted to share...............

That's all for now.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Apparently I am a muggle because I didnt know what geocaching was..thank goodness for google.

Love your pathtag design. cute. How cool you get to do two things you love !

AMW said...

Ms P - Did you also look up to see if there were any geocaches in your area? My guess is you'd be surprised how many!

Sandy said...

Okay, I need to know more about the pathtags. What are they used for, made out of, stuff like that. The design is great. Don't you love it when your interests come together!