Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MMC 2010

Back HERE I mentioned that I joined the Make-My-Christmas event again this year.  This was it's 17th year, and my second participating.  This year I drew someone I knew, and really had fun.

DT's favorite color is TieDye followed by Purple.  I've never tie dye'd anything myself, but figured I'd give it a shot.  So I cut twenty 13 inch squares of bleached muslim (on sale, of course) and spent a day twirling, tying, rubberbanding, twisting, etc...  and dying.  Then rinsing.  And rinsing.  and rinsing.  Oh, did I mention rinsing?  About 6 HOURS of rinsing.  And when I was done?  Yep, RINSED some more!

And ended up with some cool looking squares.  Got some way cool purple fabric for the sashing.  And pieced a very simple quilt.  

Then decided to Tie Dye a solid piece for the back.  So I twirled, rubberbanded, twisted, tied, and dyed.  And then I rinsed.  Again.  And yes, again....  You get the picture.

Ok, fine - you held in here long enough to see some pictures...

The front.

Close up of a few blocks...

The back.

Close up of the back (with a little of the quilting).

Folded on the pool table.
And it was a hit!  I'm so happy that she like it as much as she did...  Here's a couple of pics:

She walked around the place wearing it as a cape for a bit.

The smile says it all.  On both of us!  

Oh, what'd I get?  Something very special!!!  I'm gonna save that for it's own post...


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kimmyd said...

And the smile did say it all. She did love it. I personally would like to steal it from her. It turned out beautifully. Job well done quiltmaster................