Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing Sunset

Today started off dreary and rainy.  It was forecasted to be this way all day, and for the most of the day, it was.

We ran errands, and did stuff to get ready for our camping trip over the next couple of days.

In the yuck...

The hardware store was out of the wing nuts we needed, so I begrudgingly went back out this afternoon.

I came out, and saw this:

I thought, "That's kinda cool!  The sun came out, and it looks neat reflecting off of the trees as it's setting..."

Then I drove home, and I could tell that it was looking even better, so I drove past the house, just a couple blocks, to the water.  And THIS is what I was rewarded with!

I should have stopped by the house to grab my regular camera, but I was afraid I'd miss it.  So these pictures came from my camera phone.

But I didn't want to miss it!  What a WONDERFUL ending to a dreary day!  IT was absolutely stunning!



Shay said...

Your phone takes awesome pictures!

The sunset is spectacular.

Lynne said...

Oh wow! So totally worth going out for!