Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today, I want to tell you about my friend Kirk.  

I've known Kirk for a few years now, and have always admired him.  I knew him personally, and then realized we were in the same profession and that he was just down the street from me at work.  He has since left that career path, and had other adventures.

When he read yesterday's post, he shot me an email with some suggestions:
Places you want to visit. A memorable cache. Or if you have time, tell me about a grandparent you loved, or a pet. What scares you?  What words do you notice are mispelled the most?  What are you reading on other blogs?  Do you think it will snow this year and do you care?  Pizza:  pepperoni or pineapple?  Have you ever danced naked?

I promise I won't answer some of those questions!  Trust me, if I have ever danced naked, that's an image you DON'T want!

But he did inspire me with his email, and by just being him.

Here are a few examples:

When Kirk was a Concierge at a MAJOR hotel here in town, he took it upon himself to do an annual food drive from the local restaurants.  He had dealings with these restaurants from the Concierge industry by staying in touch with them, and recommending them to folks staying at his establishment.  No one asked him to do this, he just decided to do something positive.

In 2009 alone - Kirk collected over 2800 pounds of food, and over $1000 in cash donations.

In the 4 year run of the "Green Bean Challenge" - he collected more than 5 TONS of food, and over $2800 in donations.

One person CAN make a difference.

He STILL inspires me.  A few weeks ago, his partner was commuting to work on his bicycle, and was hit by an SUV.  He suffered a serious leg injury, but thankfully is coming along a little better every day.  And Kirk has been there every step of the way as his advocate, his caretaker, and so much more.  And THAT inspires me as well.  He's been amazingly strong in the face of this horrible accident.  And I know Leo is thankful for all he's done (and continues to do) as well.

When I had my surgery, he came by and hung out and brought me lunch.  And didn't judge the state of the house!

And then there was the time that he organized a bunch of crazy geocachers to perform the Macarena dance in a public place as a flash mob event!
Even when the sound equipment failed, he pushed on through and we all danced and sang and laughed like nobody's business.  (I hear that he may be planning a "Hokey Pokey" flash mob, too!)

He has traveled to places I could only dream of going, and done things I could only dream of doing!

There are many more examples that I could share, but you get the idea....

Kirk, my friend, you DID inspire me with your email!  Thank you for being you!



thea said...

Very nice! He sounds like a great guy!

Shay said...

Kirk sounds like someone who inspires others just by being himself. I really like people who have that ability.

Lovely to hear about one of your friends AMW!

Lynne said...

Some people just stand out from the crowd, don't they?

HubeiMama said...

GREAT post!! :)