Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Bandana Quilt

I'm fully aware that halloween was weeks ago.... And that I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of this quilt that was finished right around then.  Apparently the blog police are out in full force (you know who you are, SHAY) and virtually DEMANDED requested that I share this with you.  So now that I've refueled with leftover halloween candy (hey, don't judge...), here you go.

Our local Wally world had bandanas on sale for $1 each.  And lots of different colors and patterns.  With all of the halloween patterns, we thought it would be a fun one to do.

So, we snatched some up, I pieced it together pretty quick, and then it was left to decide how to quilt it.

I thought it'd be fun to try something a little different on this one since I didn't have a ton of money invested in it.  My friend with the long-arm had just learned how to use the computerized portion of her machine, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

If you look really close at some of the blocks, you can see a spiderweb pattern quilted into them

When it was done, my roommie snatched it so fast, I didn't even get to wash it before she started using it.    It didn't get it's initial wash for all of the shrinkage and crinkly goodness for almost a week!

It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to do another one of these.  Just maybe not in a seasonal pattern....



Lynne said...

What a great idea. It looks lovely!

thea said...

Very nice! What is the backing fabric?

AMW said...

The fifth picture down, or third from the bottom is the backing fabric. It's the purple and black with the yellow in the cat, moon and pumpkin.

Shay said...

Hands down the cutest bandana quilt I've ever seen. And I love the quilting. And I only demanded a little bit !

You guys must have a huge range of bandanas you get Christmas ones?

Cant believe we were both making the same sort of quilts at the same time- we must have some sort of spooky psychic connection!