Friday, November 9, 2012

Corn Maze

It's been years since I've gone to a Corn Maze.  I remembered that I got really lost had a ton of fun, and wanted to go again.  So when I found myself going to an event that was very near a corn maze, I decided to go and torture myself have some fun when the original event was over.  I conned talked a couple of friends in to going too, so I had witnesses,  accomplices,  people to find get me out of there.

Here are three of the four of us.  Lori was taking the pictures.

Here's Lori!

But first, there was some other fun to be had.  There were pedal cars to test out.  Chip offered me $5 to test it out.  Little did he know, I would have PAID to do it...

But, it was BROKEN!  The chain was off...

So, Chip provided the manpower! I laughed and laughed.  We had a great time.

Then it was time to tackle the maze.  Lots of rules to follow.  That won't be a problem, right?


Here's the start. 

Here's what the layout in the corn looked like.  Keep in mind, you can't see over the corn.

There were stops along the way and tasks to perform.

 And funny looking glasses to see the maps.

 Oh, and huitelacoche.   Or Corn Smut.  A fungus that's actually a delicacy in Mexico.  Don't believe me??  Read about it HERE.  

 Yep, still wandering around trying to figure our way out.

Whew - we can finally see the finish!!!  It only took us about 2 hours and a little over 2 miles.

Finally, the sun was setting as we wandered out.  I took this picture through the "red" glasses, but thought it looked pretty cool.

Have you ever been to a corn maze?  Would you do it again?



Lynne said...

Wow! That looks a-maze-ing! Sorry, couldn't help myself!

The farmer, or whoever planted it, has certainly one to a lot of trouble. The glasses for reading the map are such a great idea too!

I've never been to a corn maze -- I don't think there are any in Australia -- but I have been to other types of living mazes and they were fun! Yes, I would do it again!

Shay said...

I've never been to a corn maze and I don't think we have such a thing down under . I wish we did because it looks like a heap of fun!