Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Update

So, I’ve spent WAY too much time staying up late watching the Olympics.  And sadly, I usually fall asleep watching something I’m really trying to stay awake to see.  So far, though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching:

  • Women’s Beach Volleyball – Misty and Kerry are dominating, and doing a wonderful job!
  • Men’s Swimming – Michael Phelps is unstoppable!  He amazes me every time I watch him.
  • Women’s Swimming – usually intermingled with the men’s challenges.  Always a thrill.
  • Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics – The things these kids do with their bodies…  WOW!
  • Men’s and Women’s Synchronized Diving – Diving is tough enough – but SYNCHRONIZED – very cool!

Sports that I’ve only got to see bits and pieces of, but have still enjoyed are:  Baseball, Tennis, and Water Polo.

I haven’t gotten to see Equestrian, Canoe/Kayak, Softball, Badminton (really???) and Table Tennis, but think it’d be fun to watch these.

I can’t believe the games are half over.  Maybe then I can get some sleep…..


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