Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yep - Buckets.  

My friend K has been reading a book called "How Full is your Bucket?"  Over dinner one night, she explained the basic premise of the book, and that is we all have a bucket.  When you are nice to someone, or they are nice to you, they fill your bucket or you fill theirs.  When someone is negative to you, or you are negative to someone else, a dipper removes from the bucket and diminishes their(or your) positive outlook.

K is a very positive, energetic, and generally "festive" person.  She regularly fills peoples bucket around her (and even those of complete strangers), and it's always fun to hang out with her.  So, a few of us (later named the "bucket brigade") were able to join her on a "booze cruise" to help her celebrate her birthday.  One member of the party actually went so far as to get her an actual bucket for her birthday, that we all signed with birthday wishes and filled with trinkets from the night.  I enjoyed filling her bucket on her birthday, as I know everyone else did too.

Unfortunately for K - someone she cared for KICKED her bucket.  Yep - emptied it, so to speak!  And doesn't seem at all bothered that they did it.  

I hope that the coming weeks get better for her, and all her true friends start refilling her bucket.  I'm sure D and I will do our part too...

Go fill a bucket!


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