Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday Surprise Party

Saturday night, we went to a surprise party for our friends B&B.  Their birthdays are just a couple of days apart, so a combined party was the way to go.  They thought they were meeting at another friend's house for drinks before heading out to the Hibachi place for a b-day dinner with another couple.  They were, in fact, coming to the house for the party.  And they were late for their own party!  Quite comical.

The group of folks there was very diverse, and a lot of the folks were people we already knew.  We did meet a few new people from as far away as Maine and Boston.  We also met 3 new dogs, Abby, Axle, and Major.  

All of the people that I bowl with were there, of course, 2 of them being the guests of honor.  I'd say all in all about 30 folks.  

At one point, someone we had just met, "A", decided to tell us their life story.  Their partner, "P", was with them, and A told us that they were going to break up with P in two weeks.  I have no idea how or why they felt comfortable telling us this, and we were certainly surprised.  Um, what are we supposed to do with that info???  Anyhow, P engaged us in darts.  D was a natural, and won the first game by a landslide.  P was very nice, and I hope they will find someone to make them happy, as it sounds like A is not the one.  

Another friend confided in us, that they had leftover Obama campaign signs that they put into the yard of the 2 guests of honor, who were big McCain supporters.  I have no doubt that was an additional surprise for them when they got home from the party.  I also find it quite funny that people will confide all sorts of things in us...

A dancer was brought in (who was actually there the whole time appearing as a friend of a friend), and performed for the b-day guests.  I think that's who it was originally for anyway.  It seemed that just about everyone there enjoyed the dancer for quite some time.  

Lots of alcohol was consumed, lots of laughs were had, lots of food was eaten, and some interesting conversation, to be sure.  And who knows what happened after we left.........


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