Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, I went to vote this morning.  My polling place is in a city golf course "club house".  City owned, so not much of a club house, really.  I pulled up about 7:15, to see a line backed out to the street, and then double-backed into the parking lot.  I knew it'd be a wait, but had to do it.  

It was cold and rainy and dreary, but there was a colorful line of umbrellas, from plain black, to rainbow, to university logo'd, to patterned, to clear.  All kinds.  Kind of representative of our nation, if you will.  People from all backgrounds, and all walks of life, turning out to vote in this historical election.  Doesn't matter who you're voting for, it's indeed historical.  There were few grumblings in line about the wait and the weather, but most were excited about being a part of it all.  My polling place is near a university, so I heard a lot of young people talking about this being their first election.  How exciting for them!

It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get through the line, with at least 1 hour and 30 minutes of that being outside in the rain.  And then it was over.  I was number 210 in the P-Z line (last name), and my ballot was number 558 into the machine.  At 9:00 am.  

As I walked to my car, a gentleman sitting in his car, apparently waiting for someone else, said to me, "Feels good to have voted, doesn't it?", to which I answered, "Yes, yes it does."

Now we wait....


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