Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bowling (Yes, you read that right)

I actually went to bowling last night and bowled.  Since the whole Ankle incident, I wasn't allowed, and then I got sick, and finally made it back out there.  Let's get the scores out of the way, and then we'll chat, k?

1st game -   95
2nd game - 90
3rd game - 150

Now, you might think there's a typo in there, and that my last game is actually supposed to read "50", but you'd be wrong.  I actually bowled a 150.  I just looked back, and my highest game this season was a 146.  Last year (when I wasn't blogging), my highest game was a 153.  So I came close.  I can't believe I bowled a 150 after my first two games were so poor.

The ankle - It really wasn't too bad.  It had a few moments where it hurt like hell, but over all it held out.  I did take Ibuprofen right before I went, so maybe that helped.  

It was really fun to be back bowling and throwing the ball.  It's been since before christmas (except the first week after I sprained it, I played one game, and had to stop), and I missed it.  I had fun going and hanging out, but missed the bowling.

So, this may become a weekly feature again.  We'll see.  If the scores start blowing again, then it'll get the ax!  Until next week...


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Annapants! said...

Apparently you should take frequent breaks between games!