Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Ankle Update

As promised, here is another update on the ankle saga.  

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I went to the foot dr. yesterday after wearing the aircast for *most* of the three weeks.  I did mention in the previous post that it hurt.  So for most of this week, I didn't wear it.  How was it feeling when I went back?  Well basically, sometimes it was perfectly fine, and sometimes it hurt pretty bad.  One extreme to the other, and no clear reasoning as to why.

He poked and asked questions, and wrote notes, and then said what I was dreading the most.  He was going to stick me.  With a needle.  In my foot.  Near a bone.  LUCKILY, he was kind enough to spray my foot with the freezing spray, which helped with the initial stick, but didn't help much once he was in there rooting around.  It hurt.  A lot.  (But not as bad as the cortisone injections I had in my heel nearly 10 years ago......).  But it still hurt.

He wants to see me back in 10-14 days.  I opted for 12.  I specifically asked him, if it wasn't improving by then, was he going to stick me again, and he said no, they would just take it off at the ankle.  Sounds reasonable.  But he did say that if it wasn't improving, they may have to consider going in and removing the piece of bone.  REALLY not looking forward to that, so here's hoping this works.

As I left, I forgot to ask him if I could bowl.  I mentioned this to the office clerk checking me out.  She asked "Well, could you bowl before???".  I told her honestly, that no, I really sucked and that my team had been winning some games since I'd been out.  She went to ask him, and his response was that the team could continue winning some games, cause I had to sit out the next two weeks.  HMPH!  

And speaking of bowling....  The one week I don't go and hang out with the team, one of my teammates bowls a 208!  And I missed it!!  I'm so bummed!!!

One last thing...  I told him that I really wanted to take pictures of my x-rays for my blog.  He laughed at first, then put them up for me.  I forgot the regular camera, and had to take them with my phone which distorted the lighting.  But I think you can still see the culprit.  

The second picture you can tell was put up backwards, but you can still see it.

Will definitely post an update again...


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