Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blah, blah, bowling

First off - let me say that I'm glad there are only two weeks of actual bowling left!  Yes, I'll miss the folks.  Yes, I'll miss the fun.  No, I won't miss the bowling.

Last night:
1st game  - 99
2nd game - 121
3rd fame - 82

Almost mirrored last week (100,83, 127).  Not sure why I'm having one game that is so much in the toilet.  No time to worry about it now, or try to fix.  The goal now is to just make it through.  Somehow.  In 3 weeks we have out banquet, and see where we finished.  We are currently tied for 34th place (out of 39 teams).  Last night only dropped us, as we lost all games...

So stay tuned to see how this season plays out.  At the end, I'll post a blog with a whole bunch of random statistical facts and figures from my season.....  Should be a hoot.


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