Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kayak issues

Those of you that's have been around this blog for a bit (or who know me well) remember the kayak incident of last year.  For those of you that are new here (welcome), you can get get caught up with THIS first post, and then THIS follow up post.  Ok, I know I forgot to follow up and let you know what happened after the second post, but "no news is good news", right?  I tested it, and all was well.

Until now.

This past weekend, we went out kayaking to introduce D's nephew to it, since he's going to be  going with his Adventure Club at school.  We went to a nice protected area, with a beach landing so it would be easy.  All seemed fine for the most part.  N did GREAT!  He's a natural...

However, my boat did not fair so well.  It again took on water on the inside.  I haven't had a chance to assess it find out if it's taking it on in the same spot or not yet.  

I fired off an email to the manufacturer, Hurricane Aqua Sports, and will now wait until I hear back from them to see how to proceed.  I have pretty much lost all faith in this boat.  The boat is not that old, and I haven't abused it.  So, I'm anxious to hear what Hurricane Aqua Sports has to say.  

I'm glad that I didn't sign up to do the Paddle for the Border this year as it's this coming up weekend, and I wouldn't have a boat.  I did sign up to volunteer there this year, though.  


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