Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bowling's over...

Bowling is actually over for this season.  I'm kinda glad, and kinda sad.  I'm gonna miss these folks over the summer, so I hope I get to hang out with them all a bit...

Last night's bowling was just odd.  

1st game  - 155
2nd game- 133
3rd game - 99

My first game was the highest game I've bowled this season, and I think possibly the highest game I've bowled.  So that was nice.

We won two of the three games, and took total pins, too.  This was position round, and I think we went into in 37th place (out of 39), but last night should have moved us up into at least 36th???  We'll find out at the banquet next week.

Stay tuned for the final update next week, as I'll announce our final standing, and have a post for all you "number lovers" out there.  I've assembled some interesting number statistics......


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