Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final bowling update...

No more bowling, until next fall!  Here is the final update for this league:

Our team tied for 36/37th place!  I predicted 37th.  Ok, that's just really sad....  I predicted we'd be 37th out of 39th.  Well, at least we weren't last???

Ok - here are a bunch of random figures........

57 - the number of games I blogged about
19 - the number of weeks I blogged about (yeah, this is pretty low of the 32 weeks we bowled.  But don't forget I was out with an ankle injury, and a couple weeks were just too bad to blog.)

103 - my entering average
111 - my exiting average
109 - my average most of the year

25 - number of games above my average (the 109 average)
30 - number of games below my average
3 - the number of games exactly my average

82 - the lowest score I blogged
155 - the highest score I blogged

For our efforts, and for coming in at 36th/37th - each member of our team got $90.  More than I thought we'd get, so no disappointment there!

I'm really, really going to get a couple games in this summer!  Really.

Until next year....

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