Monday, May 18, 2009

Reality Show Wrap-up

Wrapping up the shows that started in February, last week and this week have been very busy with finale shows.

Amazing Race - Wasn't disappointed that Tammy and Victor won.  I would have loved to have seen Margie and Luke win it though.  They did great!

The Bachelor - This one was finishing up in February.  Most of us were thrilled to see Jason pick Melissa, then heart-broken when he dumped her on National Television.  I have no doubt that she's getting the last laugh on....

Dancing with the Stars - Hadn't planned on watching this one, but when Melissa (of jilted Bachelor fame) was named as a last minute replacement, I was hooked.  She's done fabulously!  

Biggest Loser - I was glad that Mike and Ron didn't win the whole thing.  I wouldn't have minded if Mike had won, but Helen beat him out.  I only wish Tara could have pulled it all off in the end.  That girl was a MACHINE!

American Idol - This one ends this week with Adam and Kris in the final two.  Love Adam, but kind of rooting for the underdog on this one.

Survivor - YEAH JT!  JT played an almost flawless game.  One of the best game-players I've seen.  But Coach????  Ugh - give me a break!

Hell's Kitchen - Again - thrilled to see the underdog (Danny) win this one.  This kid has an amazing amount of potential.  Although Paula was pretty impressive too!

Celebrity Apprentice - Over the top!  Joan Rivers won.  But these celebrities are just over the top....  Except Jesse.  How in the heck did he marry Sandra Bullock??!??!

Deadliest Catch is just starting, and tonight is a new Bachelorette that I may just have to tune in and see wassup.

Not sure what will coming up for the summer, but I've got the DVR ready to go!


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