Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 SnowPocolypse

Earlier here I reminisced about a snow storm that happened when I was young. Now, through pictures, I'll tell you all about the big storm of 2010. A much different scene for me. I really enjoyed this storm, and had a lot of fun...

This was about 10:30 in the morning on Saturday. It was still snowing, but this was the earliest measurement. About 5 inches and steadily falling.

This was the back patio, around the same time-frame. See those two bowls on the table?

These two bowls? They are the collection bins for SNOW CREAM!

I remember having snow cream growing up. My grandmother would make it. But I had never tried it... It was REALLY yummy!!

We also picked that day to try to make sushi for the first time. It was really easy with the SUSHEZI! And good. This was avacodo, cream cheese and crab.

Of course, we HAD to go out and play. Casey just watched for bit. She's seen snow before, but not nearly this much...

I almost lost her in it at one point. It was up to her underbelly. Good thing she's so dark!

And I finally got her to sit still enough to take a good picture. She wasn't happy about sitting in it though. What a trooper!

Now some shots from around the yard...

The two suns and crab didn't seem too bothered by it all.

By Sunday morning, the icicles were growing bigger and bigger.

Guess we won't be grilling on these this weekend.

Sunday, we also decided to take a drive by the water. It's only a couple of blocks and I wanted to get some pictures. Of course.

This was one of the first things I saw. Beautiful, huh?

We also saw this guy. Wasn't 100% sure what I was seeing at first, but you'll see below and hopefully you'll be as amused as I was...

Yep. Cross-country skiing in SE VA by the bay.

And a great sport he was. I opened the window, held out the camera, and he just grinned.

And I almost missed this guy, cause I was facing the water. See him? On a snowboard?

That's him again being pulled behind that pick-up truck!

Lots of folks were out walking dogs. These two where just enjoying the day and each other!

I loved how the sun was shining so bright, and the snow was overlooking the water.

It was the most snow our area had seen in a long, long time. Nearly shut the entire metro area down. Took a long time to clear it all up, and kids were out of school until Wednesday or Thursday for a storm that happened on Saturday.

But it will be a storm that people will remember for years to come.

I know I will! How about you? What did you do that was memorable?

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