Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Concert

One of my most favorite bands is Train.  Just something about them and their songs.  It's always a "feel good" moment when one of their songs comes on the radio, or when I listen to them on my ipod.

We got to see them at the NorVA a couple months ago, but it was such an open venue (and me being too short for my own good), I could hear them, but not really see them at all.  And they are such performers!  The shows are VERY entertaining.

So when I heard they were coming to Ntelos Pavilion, I decided to get seated tickets to enjoy the show.  Little did I know I would end up with FRONT ROW!

I didn't take my regular camera, so all of my pics are from my cell phone.  But it was still pretty good, and the seats were phenomenal.

He brought some girls on stage to help out with one of the songs, and they were all super excited.  The tall girl on the very far right (with the tiara on) was sitting next to us.  It was her 16th birthday.  How exciting for her!

Pat Monahan is just an awesome singer/entertainer!

This artsy shot was purely accidental, but has become one of my favorites!

And this is Jimmy Stafford (not Howie Mandel!).  He sure could play a stringed instrument.  He played several (including a ukelele) throughout the show!

And finally, I leave you with a very short video clip of their most widely and popular song right now, Hey Soul Sister.  I wanted to record the whole song, and should have, but I also wanted to sing and dance wildly, which would have produced a much worse video.  And keep in mind, this is from my phone, so audio and video isn't premium.  But it's still fun and from the FRONT ROW! So here's the first verse and chorus....  Enjoy!

And then it was all over.  Well, not right after that song, but you get the drift....  At the end of the concert, after the encores were played, they threw out drumsticks and guitar picks.  The drummer threw us one of his drumsticks and we caught it!  (Hanging head, I forgot to take a picture of it.............)

Even though it was a Tuesday night (read: work night), it was a most memorable evening!  Can't wait til the TRAIN comes back to town!!


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