Monday, October 18, 2010

Candy Corn Addiction

I love me some candy corn.  I try to buy only one bag per holiday season, and stretch it to make it last.  

I don't like the mix bag with the little pumpkins in it.  Just the plain old candy corn.  And not the store brand, either.  It has to be Brachs.  

And you know what's even better?  Put a few pieces in your hand, and hold it for a couple of minutes until they are just a little warm, and they are even yummier.  Yes, I said yummier.  And, yes, I know it nearly impossible to just hold them in your hand without eating them, but trust me...  it'll be worth it.  

Do you have a favorite holiday treat?

Now quit eyeing my stash up there, and go get your own bag........



Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

Me loves some candy corn, too. There is a recipe involving said corns of yumminess in....CANDY CORN FUDGE!! I know, right?

I keep both the regular corn nibbles and the pumkin/fall mix that way I can continue the abuse right up through Thanksgiving.

My Halloween fav...Milk Duds. Mmmmmm.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

We dont have candy corn here but I had some once years ago ( a friend sent me some)

Based on that one experience - I dont really understand what the fuss is about. Maybe I didnt have Brachs which I'm sure is wonderful.

It seems a harmless enough addiction AMW so you go for it.

KimmyD said...

Not a huge candy person however I do like the original candy corns by Brachs as well. My favorites candies include Kit Kat, Mounds or Almond Joy, and Sweetarts....

Annapants! said...

homemade caramel ;)