Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fractions pattern

This will be a picture-heavy post.

After my last post about a quilt that I wasn't crazy about, but that grew on my, I thought I'd share a finish that I've loved from the beginning and love even more now.

The pattern is called "Fractions".  

It used mostly fat quarters with the exception of the sashing and borders.

I quilted it on the long-arm after I got done doing the black, white and red quilt as practice.

Just a large all-over meander.

One of the things I love about this one is how nice it "crinkled" after it was washed.

The "crinkling" has made me a fan of NOT washing fabrics before piecing.

The back.

Although originally made to go in the remodeled office, this has been my go-to quilt during surgery recovery.  I LOVE it!

 It will make it's way to the office eventually, but for now, I'm loving snuggling under it!

Do you always pre-wash your fabrics?  I used to, but lately haven't.  I find it easier to cut and easier to piece fabrics that haven't been washed, but I especially love washing it and seeing how it turns out.



Shay said...

Very nice. Perfect Fall colours too. I'm glad it grew on you. I always say it isn't over until the quilting is done.

As to pre-washing for me it depends on the fabric. If it even has a hint of red into the wash it goes. I don't want bleeding after all my hard work . However often I don't wash for all the reasons you mentioned!I love it when my quilts antique up after washing.

Lynne said...


I used to pre-wash but now I don't always! I just want to get started on my projects!