Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It grew on me...

I wanted to make a black, white, and red quilt.  I found some fabrics that I liked, and just had to figure out what to do with them.

I figured a simple pattern would be best.  So I just did a trip around the world on point.

Well, when I got the top done, I didn't like it.  Has that ever happened to you?  You plan something, and get it nearly done, and then don't care for it?

I figured I'd use it as a practice piece for the long arm, and backed it with something else that I didn't really care for.  Since I didn't really like the front, I couldn't see putting a great back on it!

I used it as practice, and quilted it all over with a loopy pattern, and really had a good time playing with it.

And was glad when it was done!

But funny thing - when it was done AND BOUND, I didn't hate it so much.  It grew on me...

I'll admit that it's not a quilt I could cuddle under and relax.  But it's perfect for throwing in the camper, or the back of the car.  Using it for a picnic quilt or just general purpose.  In fact, we used it Labor Day weekend when we went camping and someone sitting outside was cold.  Threw it around her shoulders, and it warmed her right up.  So all is not lost.

Have you ever made anything that you REALLY didn't like, but it eventually grew on you?


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Shay said...

I've made a few things I didn't like and they never grew on me! I usually give them away or turn them into very fancy dog blankets.

I like your black and white and red top and it's perfect for camping or picnics.