Tuesday, October 16, 2012

State Fair

A few weeks ago, we attended the State Fair of Virginia.  I was so looking forward to this for several reasons, one of the main ones was to meet a blogging friend!  I was so excited to meet Cynthia from Home Matters 1st and Feeding Big fame, but I'll get to that in a few...

There were fun sights to see and just your traditional fair setting.  It was a nice warm late September day.

There were Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!  Well, not really, but there were tigers.  They were beautiful.  But this one in the middle picture was pacing in the cage the entire time.  I was so sad for him.

And there was food.  Yummy, yummy food!  We had FRESH potato chips, sweet tea, Pork Parfait, and fried reese's and fried ho-hos.  The fried reese's and ho-ho's didn't make it for the picture, but the rest did.  

The pork parfait has become sort of a tradition.  And it's SO good.  It's layers of pulled pork, mashed potatoes and barbeque sauce.  In a sundae parfait cup.  YUM!

And if that wasn't excitement enough, there was a DEMOLITION DERBY!  Fixing up old hoopties just to bang 'em into each other to see who'll be the last one standing?  Sounds like fun to me!

And of course, there was the quilt show.  This was where I got to meet Cynthia!  She was smart enough to get a picture of us, so I'm "borrowing" it and posting it here.  I look drunk, but seeing as how it was really only about 11:00 in the morning, I'm pretty sure I wasn't.  Pretty sure!

Not all of the quilts were hung this year.  Some were folded and some were across racks or bars that held other quilts.  My friend Cindy entered the Black, White and Yellow quilt above.  It's actually a queen sized quilt and quite stunning.

Here are my two.  One on a quilt rack and one on a bar between some hanging ones.  Kinda bummed that they weren't hung up for everyone to see, but at least they were there.

The highlight was definitely getting to meet Cynthia!



Lynne said...

Sounds like an exciting day for all.

Shay said...

In all of this the food was the thing that caught my eye ...shaved meat in a cup is a brilliant idea as is the chips with whatever has been plopped on top ( looks yummy!)

So jealous you got to meet Cynthia - she is one of my favourite people!