Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's been rather odd here lately, when I take a look at my map. As you'll see below, I've gotten hits from all over the globe. I'm not sure what I've written here, that has sparked so much interest.

If you've found me from some other country, or even if you've randomly found me in the US, please post a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear how you happened upon my little slice of the world wide web!

Country Page Views for Map Area:
United States [72%]
Spain [9%]
France [9%]
Canada [9%]
Germany [9%]
Mexico [6%]
India [8%]
United Kingdom [5%]
Italy [5%]
Hungary [5%]
Malaysia [4%]
Sweden [4%]
Greece [4%]
Romania [4%]
Norway [3%]
Russia [3%]
Portugal [3%]
Pakistan [3%]
Brazil [3%]
Netherlands [2%]
Switzerland [2%]
Turkey [2%]
Ukraine [2%]
Venezuela [2%]
Argentina [2%]
European Union [1%]
Bulgaria [1%]
Azerbaijan [1%]
Morocco [1%]
Egypt [1%]
Belgium [1%]
Estonia [1%]
Iran [1%]
Finland [1%]
Singapore [1%]
Poland [1%]
United Arab Emirates [1%]
Thailand [1%]
Israel [1%]
Colombia [1%]
Ecuador [1%]
Paraguay [1%]
Honduras [1%]
New Zealand [1%]
Chile [1%]

So stop on in to the comment section and say hi!



Anonymous said...

un buen dato , gracias

me encuentras en

Ummi said...

Hi!!! Im from Brunei Darussalam! I guess i found ur blog when i was blog hopping from a fren's blog..your blog's quite interesting really..maybe it's bcoz we're halfway around the world from each other.. :) be sure to update more..