Thursday, March 4, 2010

More on the Sinking Kayak

In the ongoing kayak saga, I decided to place a craigslist ad for my sinking kayak. Here is the ad below.... I'll resume my commentary at the end.

For sale – One kayak that sinks. Why would you want a kayak that sinks? Hmmmm…

· You can use it as a lawn ornament or the ultimate bird/squirrel feeder.
· Maybe cut it in half, and plant flowers in it and have the most unusual planter in the neighborhood.
· Fill it with ice and use at as a really cool drink cooler at your next party.
· Put it on your car and drive around and look cool.
· Stick it in the corner of your living room, and impress your date when you bring them home.
· Invite your arch enemy kayaking with you (hey, it sinks).
· Kayak at the beach in front of that really hot lifeguard and hope they notice you sinking and come out and rescue you.
· Use it as a chew toy for your Pitbul.
· Use it as a scratching post for your cat.
· Use it as a massive condo for your hamster/guinea pig/other rodents.
· Already own a kayak? Get this one, invite a friend as a practical joke, and then practice assisted rescues.
· Brush up on your own swimming skills by swimming back to shore when it sinks.
· Get a full workout when you lift it after it fills up with water (it weighs 38lbs dry, or 400+lbs full of water!).
· Use it in your backyard pool this summer, and make a game out of who can stay afloat the longest.
· Use it as a sled when we got as much snow as we’ve recently gotten. Call it “ka-boggining”

The story of this kayak… I bought it brand new, because it was light weight. I used it about a season and a half, and then went on an organized paddle with several hundred people. It sank with me in it and I had to be rescued from the water. It was EMBARRASING to say the least. After figuring out what happened (that water got inside the sealed hollow middle), I contacted the manufacturer. They sent a tube of epoxy and vague instructions how to fix it. The epoxy held for a few more short paddles, and then it sank again.

I contacted the manufacturer again, and this time spoke to a VP. They were very apologetic, knew there was an issue with this model, and offered to replace it for free.

GREAT, right?

WRONG! They sent a follow up email a couple of days later saying that they wouldn’t honor their offer…

So, now I’m without a working kayak, and no money to replace it. I thought one of you fine folks out in craigslist land might be able to find a good use for it.

$200 or highest offer. You pick it up, and take it away (looking cool the whole time with it on your car!)

P.S. The picture is from the manufacturer and is not the actual boat. The actual boat is the same color, looks virtually the same, but sinks.

image 1626671476-0

Would you believe that I've had some offers??? I've had at least a dozen emails and some with legitimate offers. Who knew?

You'll notice that I declined to mention the manufacturers name. I didn't do it in the ad (not sure why), but most of the emails have asked for the name, and I've given it. One person actually emailed me and told me they have the same exact boat. AND made me an offer...

Perhaps they can fix it and enjoy it...

Either way, I hope to be rid of it soon!


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