Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet my new BFF Chuck...

Everyone - meet Chuck! Chuck bought my sinking kayak... He said I could post his picture as long as I didn't put the caption "sucker" on it. So I definitely won't!
Chuck already owns a kayak exactly like this one, and another one by the same company. He has two teenage sons, so he's gonna fix this one for one of them.

I have no doubt that it can be fixed enough to be a reliable boat... But my patience with it was gone. So for Chuck - it was an incredible bargain. A boat for about 1/4 of the retail price, and with a little work, it won't sink any more.

But I also wanted to share some of the comments I got through email from my ad:
Funny. You can buy a plastic welding tool from harbor freight that you may be able to do a permanent repair with.
I'll take it off your hands, and wont even charge you a disposal fee. Give me the address and I'll be happy to stop by and haul it away.
Sorry to hear about your plight, but thanks for sharing your
story....too funny, I'm still laughing.


Saw your ad, you actually have scared me, because I have a Hurricane Phoenix 120. It hasn't sunk on me yet, but it appears that I may be in for trouble. Haven't used mine much, but I like it. So maybe I will need to learn how to repair it one day LOL. Anyway, I may be interested in adopting yours. Would you take $XXX for it. Got any more epoxy to fix it? Did you have to take the two pieces apart or did you just reseal the original seal. Anyway, I would like to know more. How about giving me a call. It sucks that the manufacturer won't stand by it.



And my personal fave:
Umm are you kidding? I would like to offer you $200 of my hard earned $$ for your trash. Put it on the curb.

So there you have it... And yes, the next to last comment is from our very own Chuck. He has promised to email pictures when he gets it all fixed up.


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