Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Over two years ago, on another blog (that is pretty much defunct, I haven't posted on it in over a year) I did several posts about a new roof we had put on.  HERE are the before pictures, HERE are the in progress pictures (and basically finished, because I apparently didn't do an after post....  Sheesh!)

Well, mostly finished.  It was 99% done.  I've been waiting over two years for the finishing touch.

And here it is.  THE most important part of the roof:

This mermaid weathervane has been sitting in the shed, just waiting for someone to put her up.  And now that she's there, she's BEAUTIFUL!  We live just blocks from the water, and no other weathervane would have represented us as well as this one.

I LOVE it!  She makes me smile every time I pull in to the driveway...

Happy Turkey Day!



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

She's beautiful!

kimmyd said...

We offered to help you with that weather vane over a year ago. Also, need some roof work done. Call me.