Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From an episode of the Hoarders

For the last month or so, I kept expecting Matt Paxton to show up on our doorstep.  Who?  Matt Paxton is the host of the A&E's show Hoarders.  

Back in October, I showed you a "quick before and after" post of the office transformation, but in reality, it wasn't a very accurate "before" picture"  You see, since it is an office, it's been kind of a catch-all room in the house.  There were boxes and boxes of stuff from floor to ceiling.  So the before was actually an "after".  After all of the stuff was removed.  But before the room was transformed by the removal of the carpet.  

Did you follow all of that????  Me either.  

Anyway....  All of the "stuff" that came out of the office, landed in the living room.  Yep, we just moved it from one room to another.  Isn't that what everyone does?

There's a couch under there.  Really.

90% of the items in this picture came out of the office.  We were mortified when folks stopped by, and blamed it on the work that we had done to the house.

Fast forward to this upcoming weekend, where we are a stop for the annual Progressive Dinner party.  And we certainly couldn't have a house full of people over to THIS!

So, instead of just moving it to yet another room, or back into the office, we decided to take this past weekend and go through it all.  ONE.PIECE.AT.A.TIME.  Just like  Matt Paxton does on Hoarders.  There were trash bags available.  A donate box.  A sell box.  And the stuff we kept.  We bought storage bins that can be concealed, and away we went!  The only thing missing was a dumpster or a dump truck outside!

How did it end up???  Take a look:

As long as you don't enlarge these pictures, the room looks FANTASTIC!  And if by some chance you do enlarge them and see the layer of dust, then we'll just call it a protective layer.  We'll get to it this week...

Has your home ever gotten to that point that you thought maybe the mailman would call and turn you in?   No?  It's just us?  

Alrighty then....



Sandy said...

Well I really identify with this. I am not brave enough to take pictures and I would never watch Hoarders as I'm sure it would scare me senseless. But this is inspiring - perhaps I can get started, too.

Anonymous said...

awesome job.

-matt paxton

Kimmyd said...

Well it looks marvelous..........Can't wait to come mess it up. See you Sat.