Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Retreat

A few months ago, I shared a little slice of heaven with you.  And when we were there in August, we bought another week, which happened to be last week.  The last week of the year.  

The beach in December?  Why would we do that?  Well, honestly, to relax.  

Pictures are the best way for me to tell you about the week, so if you'll humor me, here you go...

Snow, friends, and the beach!

Our home away from home.

The ocean was in a frenzy.

We're in the top floor, far right.

And while I was there, I had the opportunity to visit Endless Possibilities.  By all appearances, it looks like a great little boutique/crafty store.  But under the surface, it's a fundraising project for local hotlines and charities.  They take discarded clothes that were donated to local thrift stores, and are unsellable, and volunteers create rugs, bags, and more to sell. 

And more importantly, they have CLASSES!  
Here I am in the beginning stages of weaving my rug.
Taking this bin of scraps...
And weaving them bit-by-bit...
Into a rug.
And the back.
(I think it's going to end up as a wall hanging, and not as a rug....)

And the sunrises and sunsets are pretty good in the middle of winter, too.  See:

Sunrise, from right outside the door.

With a view like this out the window, what's not to love???


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kimmyd said...

I love the beach in the winter. Great pictures......Miss you.